Recent and upcoming events

Nov 2022 'Quantitative bias analysis for unmeasured confounding' - Invited talk at the Drug Safety, Value and Innovation Seminar Series (Johns Hopkins Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness (CDSE))
Oct 2022 'Opportunities and challenges of real-world data' - Invited talk at the A symposium by the special interest group Registry-based Research from the VVE
Sept 2022 'Target trial emulation using real-world healthcare data – when is the evidence convincing?' - Invited talk at the symposium Target Trial Emulation in Observational Research and Translational Testing of Advanced Digital Health Tools for SUD Prevention and Treatment
July 2022 'Boerhaave Excellente Sprekers Trofee' - LUMC, Leiden
June 2022 'Real-world evidence in clinical research: methodological considerations' - Invited lecture at Real World Evidence and Breast Cancer Symposium, Utrecht
June 2022 'Real-world data: the art of modelling' - Workshop at the annual WEON conference. Details
March 2022 'Patient preference trials' - invited lecture at STZ Masterclasses Epidemiology.
December 2021 'Quantitative bias analysis for provider profiling and practice variation studies' - invited lecture at the CM statistics meeting. London, UK.
November 2021 'Patient preference trials' - invited lecture at Webinar Dutch Oncology Research Platform, 17 Nov 2021. More information
September 2021 'Methodological challenges in learning healthcare systems' - invited lecture at the annual meeting of the German Society for Epidemiology. Wurzburg, Germany.
September 2021 'Using videos and other media for guidance' - lecture at the at the STRATOS session of the Conference of the Austro-Swiss Region (ROeS) of the International Biometric Society. Salzburg, Austria.
June 2021 Organization of the pre-conference meeting 'Accounting for missing data in statistical analyses' at the WEON conference 2021
June 2021 Organization of the pre-conference meeting 'Teaching Epidemiology in an Online Society' at the WEON conference 2021
June 2021 ‘Sensitivity analyses to explore the potential impact of biases in non-randomised studies’ invited talk at a panel session at the HTAi 2021 virtual
May 2021 Talk at the Issue Panel ´RCTs & alternatives’ at the NOV voorjaarscongres 2021